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The Worst Part of Me

Pdf The Worst Part of Me
Author Marion Brown III
Isbn 1631359517
File size 1473 kb
Year 2015-03-03
Language English
File format PDF

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The Worst Part of Me deals with a young minister striving to better himself, make his mother proud, and most of all, please God. However, Martez Santana realizes that sometimes moving on with your future can also bring lingering elements from the past. As Martez tries to live an upright life serving a Baptist church in South Carolina, he is beset by sexual urges. He meets a young lady he’s attracted to and eventually gives in to his desires. Then he discovers the love of his life and decides to marry her. But in a twist of fate, his past lover shows up on the scene. Martez tries to balance his relationships as well as live up to the title he has just received at church for being an “honorable man.” Can Martez retain his honor, be happy, and still live as a man of God? This insightful novel shows the trials that young Christians must face as well as the recognition that God can forgive, no matter how bad we think we have messed up.

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