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The Hitchhiker

Pdf The Hitchhiker
Author Anthony Horowitz,Tony Lee
Isbn 9780749695125
File size 964 kb
Year 2010
Pages 46
Language English
File format PDF

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Full colour, graphic novel adaptations of some of the most hauntingly entertaining Horowitz short stories! Jacob is in the car when his dad stops to pick up a stranger in the rain. Who is he? And why is he out in a storm? Soon, Jacob has all the answers.

It’s my job to look at people and to think carefully about them. I was sure there was something strange about this man. His hair – nobody has their hai ...

Author Tim Vicary
Isbn 9781907575181
Genre Readers
Year 2013-08-01
Pages 40
Language English
File format PDF

Fred, the bearded dragon goes missing. Where can he be? This tale tells of a grandmother's true experience while visiting one set of grandchildren in Denve ...

Author Judy Tate Kuelling
Isbn 1438951442
Year 2009-03
Pages 20
Language English
File format PDF

Christina and Terri pick up a hitchhiker, James, on their way back from Florida. Terri doesn't trust him, but James doesn't know why the two girls keep arg ...

Author R. L. Stine
Isbn 9780439992671
Genre Young adult fiction
Year 2001
Pages 165
Language English
File format PDF

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy provides an excellent way of looking at some intriguing issues in philosophy, from vegetarianism and Artificial Intell ...

Author N. Joll
Isbn 0230392652
Genre Performing Arts
Year 2016-04-30
Pages 308
Language English
File format PDF

Hitchhikers do not travel a fixed path. They intentionally wander so they can learn and grow along the way. Embarking on the lean journey is similar; there ...

Author Jamie Flinchbaugh,Andy Carlino
Isbn 0872638316
Genre Business & Economics
Year 2006
Pages 196
Language English
File format PDF

'One of the greatest achievements in comedy. A work of staggering genius' - David Walliams An international phenomenon and pop-culture classic, The Hitchhi ...

Author Douglas Adams
Isbn 0330513087
Genre Fiction
Year 2009-09-01
Pages N.A
Language English
File format PDF

'The Hitchhiker's Guide to Going Wireless" quickly established itself as the essential guide to mobile technology in South Africa. Going Mobile starts wher ...

Author Arthur Goldstuck
Isbn 9781770131132
Genre Cell phone systems
Year 2006
Pages 200
Language English
File format PDF

Do you want to dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for manufacturing IT architectures and manufacturing, as well as reduce supply chain operat ...

Author Charlie Gifford
Isbn 9780979234392
Genre Technology & Engineering
Year 2007
Pages 279
Language English
File format PDF

"You can run, but can you hide?"Life was perfect. I was on top of the world winning one case after the other leaving no survivors in the wake of my devasta ...

Author Hj Bellus,Kathy Coopmans
Isbn 9781794518957
Genre Fiction
Year 2019-01-21
Pages 248
Language English
File format PDF