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The End of Miracles

Pdf The End of Miracles
Author Monica Starkman
Isbn 1631520555
File size 1018 kb
Year 2016-05-03
Pages 400
Language English
File format PDF

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International Book Awards 2016 finalist for literary fiction The End of Miracles is a twisting, haunting story about the drastic consequences of a frustrated obsession. A woman with a complex past wants nothing more than to become a mother, but struggles with infertility and miscarriage. She is temporarily comforted by a wish-fulfilling false pregnancy, but when reality inevitably dashes that fantasy, she falls into a depression so deep she must be hospitalized. The sometimes-turbulent environment of the psychiatry unit rattles her and makes her fear for her sanity, and she flees. Outside, she impulsively commits a startling act with harrowing consequences for herself and others. This emotionally gripping novel is a suspenseful journey across the blurred boundaries between sanity and madness, depression and healing.

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