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Statistics with Mathematica

Pdf Statistics with Mathematica
Author Martha L. L. Abell,James P. Braselton,John Arthur Rafter,John A. Rafter
Isbn 9780120415540
File size 431 kb
Year 1999
Pages 632
Language English
File format PDF

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Mathematica's diverse capabilities make it particularly well suited to perform the many calculations encountered in statistics. This book introduces Mathematica for various types of statistical computations. It covers a broad range of topics, and should appeal to both students and professional statisticians. Comprehensive: Covers the use of Mathematica for applications ranging from descriptive statistics, through multiple regression and nonparametric methods; uses virtually all of Mathematica's built-in statistical commands, as well as those contained in various Mathematica packages; Additionally, the authors have written numerous procedures to extend Mathematica's capabilities Easy to read: Uses "by example" approach authors have used in several other books about Mathematica: works for beginners and experts alike Applied: Examples from diverse disciplines, including biostatistics, business, statistics, econometrics, engineering, and psychology Up-to-date: Compatible with Mathematica Version 3

This book and software package presents a unified approach for doing mathematical statistics with Mathematica. The mathStatica software empowers users to e ...

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Isbn 9780080921693
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Year 2008-09-09
Pages 576
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File format PDF

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Isbn 2880747384
Year 2007
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