Enjoy having 90 daily devotions to find hope in crisis using Scripture, prayer, and practical applications. Start your journey to hope and healing today. A diagnosis. Death of a loved one. A layoff. A broken relationship. Life changes in a nanosecond when storms sweep in, often without warning. With minds barely able to think clearly, we often set our Bible aside. However, in reality, thats when we need its comfort and strength most. This devotional is written for those longing for hope, but are lacking the ability to focus on a lengthy Scripture passage. Enjoy having a devotional that will help you: Tap into inner strength and wisdom with short reflections Make the best of your day without shame or guilt, using encouragement from Gods Word Find comfort in routine in meeting with the Lord daily Easy-to-Use Format for Even the Busiest People This Christian book contains 90 devotions. Each days entry follows a simple pattern: Key Verse Pause (short devotion) Ponder (application question or action step) Pray (short prayer) Relevant quote Key Benefits Whether this is for you, a loved one, a friend at church, neighbor, or coworker, this book is for those who are in crisis. Crisis looks different for everyone. For some, it means facing the fallout of betrayal or divorce. For others, it means a cancer diagnosis, the death of a loved one, experiencing job loss or home foreclosure, or watching an adult child make choices that carry lifelong consequences. Some would say that hitting a relationship roadblock with a friend or family member constitutes crisis, while others would say its losing their family pet. Regardless, their greatest need is hope. They need reassurance that Gods love will never let them go, His presence will never leave them, and His strength will carry them through. Finding Hope in Crisis addresses these needs as follows: Its overall message directs their minds to Gods character and promises. These bite-sized bits of truth will feed their soul and give them the strength and encouragement needed for that day. Its devotions are short enough to read and keep their focus even when their minds are on overload. Its relevant quotes reinforce the days teaching to help them remember that particular truth.

Author Grace Fox
Isbn 1649380372
Genre Religion
Year 2021-02-02
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF