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Pdf Northman
Author W. J. McCormack
Isbn 0198739826
File size 617 kb
Year 2015-07-23
Pages 340
Language English
File format PDF

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This is the first ever biography of John Hewitt, whom the Irish writing generation of Seamus Heaney regarded as 'the daddy of us all'. His non-conformist background led into left-wing political commitments both in Belfast and, later, in Coventry. By trade an art-gallery curator, he published a great of poetry from 1930 onwards, assisted many painters, and advocated regionalism as a solution to Northern Ireland's internal conflicts. Rejected on political groundsfor a well-earned promotion, he spent fifteen years in happy exile in the English Midlands. His Collected Poems appears in 1968. Returning to Belfast in 1972, he opposed Paisleyite sectarianism and theviolent nationalism of the Provo IRA. His wife Roberta, who had been the mainstay of his personal life, predeceased him. Her Journal is quoted extensively in this biography, together with Hewitt's literary archive.

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