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The Plant Disease Reporter

Pdf The Plant Disease Reporter
File size 412 kb
Year 1958
Language English
File format PDF

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The genus Meloidogyne (root-knot nematodes; relationships of Meloidogyne species and plants; histology and pathogenesis; Effects of Meloidogyne infection o ...

Author Albert Lee Taylor,Joseph Neal Sasser,North Carolina State University. Department of Plant Pathology
Genre Nematode diseases of plants
Year 1978
Pages 111
Language English
File format PDF

Examining the writings and life of Virginia Woolf, In the Hollow of the Wave looks at how Woolf treated "nature" as a deliberate discourse that shaped her ...

Author Bonnie Kime Scott
Isbn 0813932602
Genre Literary Criticism
Year 2012
Pages 268
Language English
File format PDF

Susanna, granddaughter of the last caretaker, Calhoun Mooney, and Immacolata, an exiled witch intent on destroying her race, vie for a rug into which the w ...

Author Clive Barker
Isbn 0743417356
Genre Fiction
Year 2001-04
Pages 672
Language English
File format PDF