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Judas Child

Pdf Judas Child
Author Carol O'Connell
Isbn 0099244527
File size 1372 kb
Year 1999
Pages 410
Language English
File format PDF

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Sadie Green's purple bicycle was found abandoned at the bus stop. Then her friend, Gwen, disappeared, which led the police to propose a runaway theory to the press. But State Police Investigator Rouge Kendall wasn't convinced. On a barstool in Dame's tavern, where Kendall spent a little too much time, he remembered his own mother, begging for the life of his twin sister, Susan. That was fifteen years ago. And a man had been imprisioned for that murder - a priest, barely in his twenties. Father Paul Marie continued to proclaim hi innocence. And current events might prove that he was telling the truth, that someone else might be responsible for all three crimes. . . Taut, menacing, intensely felt, Carol O'Connell's fifth novel reveals a total mastery of her craft.

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