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Fever Hill

Pdf Fever Hill
Author Michelle Paver
Isbn 9780552148733
File size 788 kb
Year 2005-06-01
Pages 458
Language English
File format PDF

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The second novel in the ravishing Eden trilogy set amongst the lush and decaying sugar plantations of Jamaica. Nothing about Sophie Monroe is ‘appropriate’. She's too outspoken, too determined, and her childhood hero, Ben Kelly, grew up in appalling poverty in the London slums. Her only haven is Eden, the hauntingly beautiful plantation in Jamaica, where her sister Madeleine leads a charmed existence with her husband and children. But when Sophie returns from England in the summer of 1903, she finds Eden on the brink of ruin. Nothing is as it seems. Ben is avoiding her, and Madeleine is hiding something. But what? What could be so wrong that she can’t tell her own sister? Now Sophie must face not just a clash of loyalties, but the savage prejudices of colonial society. And finally, she must confront the ghosts of her own past . . .

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