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Planning Education to Care for the Earth

Pdf Planning Education to Care for the Earth
Author Joy Palmer,Wendy Goldstein
Isbn 9782831702964
File size 997 kb
Year 1995
Pages 168
Language English
File format PDF

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The World Conservation Union brings together states, government agencies, and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in a unique world partnership that seeks to influence, encourage, and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature as well as to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. This book contains case studies in environmental communication and education that were presented at the General Assembly workshop of the World Conservation Union held in January 1994. The book is divided into three sections: the first seeks to provide some bases for planning education and communication, the second looks at NGO education programs, and the third addresses planning education at the national level. Papers include: (1) "Influences on Pro-environmental Practices" (Joy Palmer); (2) "Behaviour, Social Marketing, and the Environment" (William Smith); (3) "A Basis for Environmental Education in the Sahel" (Raphael Ndiaye); (4) "Communication: An Instrument of Government Policy" (Agnes Gomis and Frits Hesselink); (5) "Seabird Conservation on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence: The Effects of Education on Attitude and Behaviour towards a Marine Resource" (Kathleen Blanchard); (6) "Environmental Education Programmes for Natural Areas: A Brazilian Case Study" (Suzana Padua); (7) "Addressing Urban Issues Through Environmental Education" (Shyamala Krishna); (8) "The CAMPFIRE Programme in Zimbabwe: Changes of Attitudes and Practices of Rural Communities towards Natural Resources" (Taparendava Maveneke); (9) "IUCN in Environmental Education in Western Africa and the Sahel" (Monique Trudel); (10) "A Matter of Motivation" (Ibrahim Thiaw); (11) "Education and Communication Support to the Establishment of Protected Area Systems" (Rutger-Jan Schoen); (12) "Canada: National Environmental Citizenship Initiative" (T. Christine Hogan); (13) "The Netherlands: Inter-departmental Cooperation on Environmental Education" (Peter Bos); (14) "Scotland: Developing a National Strategy for Environmental Education" (John C. Smyth); (15) "Spain: The Coordination of Environmental Education" (Susana Calvo); (16) "Australia: Community Involvement in Conservation of Biological Diversity" (Chris Mobbs); (17) "Australia: Education and Extension: Management's Best Strategy for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park" (Donald J. Alcock); (18) "Nepal: Environmental Education and Awareness as Elements of the National Conservation Strategy" (Dadri Dev Pande); (19) "Zambia: Environmental Education" (Juliana Chileshe); and (20) "Ecuador: Raising Environmental Awareness" (Marco Encalada). (JRH)

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