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Coming of the Dry Season

Pdf Coming of the Dry Season
Author Charles Mungoshi
Isbn 9780949932037
File size 1147 kb
Year 1981
Pages 61
Language English
File format PDF

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These ten short stories from the prize-winning Zimbabwean writer, were banned in (the then) Rhodesia, but some were published in Europe. One of the stories, 'The Setting Sun and the Rolling World', gave its title to another acclaimed collection.

Prayers to end your dry season. In life, it is not normal for one to exist without facing one challenge or the other, which can be termed your dry season. ...

Author Dr. D. K. Olukoya
Isbn 9789200226
Genre Religion
Year 2016-05-02
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Two decades after writing the acclaimed Nickel Miseries and Sick Friends, Ivan Gold has broken his silence and produced a novel which brings back the chara ...

Author Ivan Gold
Isbn 0671755374
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Year 1992-12
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Dry Season is a record of an unusual love affair. Anna is a 62-year-old designer from Central Europe and Ismael is a 27-year-old African who was brought up ...

Author Gabriela Babnik
Isbn 9781908236265
Genre Burkina Faso
Year 2015-10-01
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A self-exiled colony of North American dropouts come into conflict with the ancient ways and wisdom of Indian weavers and fishermen in Guatemala. ...

Author Dan Wickenden
Genre Guatemala
Year 1950
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Author Sarah Rutherford
Isbn 9781740201247
Genre Short stories, Australian
Year 2000
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A comprehensive travel guide to Guyana, with maps, travel information, animal guides, lodges and resorts, restaurants, and other interesting tourist sites. ...

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Isbn 9781841622231
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Year 2008
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In RAIN IN A DRY SEASON, poet Bill Holchak presents a life-time's vivid impressions of the world as he has seen it in his 77 years. Some of the works are i ...

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Year 2005-04
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Cowpea: taxonomy, genetics, and breeding, physiology and agronomy, diseases and parasitic weeds, insect pests, postharvest technology and utilization. Biot ...

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Isbn 9789781311109
Genre Cowpea
Year 1997
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A directory of Afrotropical wetlands of international importance. Contents -Region 1: North West Africa, Region 2: North East Africa, Region 3: West Africa ...

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Isbn 9782880329495
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Year 1992
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Hired by Bernie D'Angelo to find his brother, private eye Frank Sweeney traces Nick D'Angelo to Atlantic City, where he finds the missing brother burned to ...

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Isbn 9780312155094
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Year 1997
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