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Pdf Discrétion
Author Dumanoir (M., Philippe),Camille Pillet
File size 1408 kb
Year 1835
Pages 28
Language English
File format PDF

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This collection of essays examines the nature of police discretion and its many varieties. The essays explore the kinds of judgment calls police officers f ...

Author John Kleinig
Isbn 9780847681778
Genre Political Science
Year 1996
Pages 220
Language English
File format PDF

Rentrée littéraire 2020 " Ses enfants, eux, ils savent qui elle est, et ils exigent que le monde entier le sache aussi. " Yamina est née dans un cri. À ...

Author Faïza GUENE
Isbn 2259282458
Genre Literary Collections
Year 2020-08-27
Pages 167
Language English
File format PDF

A retrospective account of the research done in the 1950s by the American Bar Foundation which conducted a pilot survey of the processing of offenders from ...

Author Lloyd E. Ohlin,Frank J. Remington
Isbn 9780791415634
Genre Social Science
Year 1993-01-01
Pages 365
Language English
File format PDF

This book explains the different approaches legislators use when they write laws. ...

Author John D. Huber,Charles R. Shipan
Isbn 9780521520706
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
Year 2002-09-02
Pages 284
Language English
File format PDF

“A captivating tale of Oufoula Sindede, an African diplomat in a passionless marriage who falls madly in love with Marguerite, a New York City artist.” ...

Author Elizabeth Nunez
Isbn 161775546X
Genre Fiction
Year 2016-10-25
Pages 302
Language English
File format PDF

In response to ETA's 1997 kidnappings and murders thousands of Spaniards attended mass demonstrations to express their contempt for violence as a means of ...

Author M. Iglesias Vila
Isbn 9401596840
Genre Philosophy
Year 2013-03-09
Pages 231
Language English
File format PDF

Investigating the falling death of a high-paid escort at the U.S. Capitol building, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis teams up with brash FBI Special Age ...

Author Allison Leotta
Isbn 147671035X
Genre Fiction
Year 2014-06-03
Pages 352
Language English
File format PDF

​The theoretical and empirical literature to date has fallen short of reaching a consensus as to whether granting more managerial discretion to managers ...

Author Hagen Wülferth
Isbn 3642358373
Genre Business & Economics
Year 2013-04-17
Pages 534
Language English
File format PDF

The exercise of discretion in the criminal justice system and related agencies often plays a key part in decisions which are made, but definitions of discr ...

Author Loraine Gelsthorpe,Nicola Padfield
Isbn 1134031998
Genre Social Science
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF

Discretion has re-emerged as an issue of central importance for welfare professionals over the last two decades in the face of an intensification of manage ...

Author Dr Tony Evans
Isbn 1409492478
Genre Social Science
Year 2012-12-28
Pages 194
Language English
File format PDF

African American men who have sex with men while maintaining a heterosexual lifestyle in public are attracting increasing interest from both the general me ...

Author Jeffrey Q. McCune, Jr.
Isbn 022609667X
Genre Social Science
Year 2014-03-07
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF