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Covert Dreams

Pdf Covert Dreams
Author Michael Meyer
Isbn 9781477509401
File size 799 kb
Year 2012-06-01
Pages 340
Language English
File format PDF

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AN INTERNATIONAL SUSPENSE THRILLER Imagine waking up remembering intimate details about a country in which you have never traveled and fluently speaking a language that you have never spoken. B.J. is living the ideal life. He has a great wife, a wonderful job. And yet he is experiencing life-like vivid dreams of Munich, a city he has never visited. Stan Halsey is a professor in Saudi Arabia, who sends for his wife to join him. She arrives, and, in the blink of an eye, she vanishes, leaving no trace of ever being alive in either the United States or in Saudi Arabia. COVERT DREAMS is a fast-paced international suspense thriller that moves from Munich to the burning sands of Saudi Arabia. What is real, and who is responsible for the terrifying nightmare?

An unflinching, close-up account of the love-triangle of Melanie Cain, Buddy Jacobson, and Jack Tupper reveals the confrontations leading to Tupper's murde ...

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Isbn 9780345307200
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Year 1983-01-15
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For at least half of the twentieth century, psychology and the other mental health professions all but ignored the significant adaptive pos sibilities of t ...

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Isbn 1461339413
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The “good jobs” of the past are almost gone. Today, many university graduates face unemployment while others face underemployment. Ken Coates and Bill ...

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Unlike any book you’ve ever read, Mentored by a Millionaire is made up of fifteen mentoring sessions in which you will be mentored in the strategies, ski ...

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Isbn 9781118039953
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Jasbir Kaur was deeply affected by the scale of human tragedy that manifested itself in the communal riots of 1984 and Gujarat. These riots and the deep sc ...

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The Edge of Knowing explores the relationship between the rhetoric of dreams and realist literary practice in modern Chinese literature from the May Fourth ...

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Isbn 0295999004
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Year 2017-05-01
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[Headline, in boldface and/or small caps; do in 2 lines maximum] The healthier we are in body, mind, and culture, the more we can happily interact with the ...

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Isbn 0595865267
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
Year 2007-01-02
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MISSION PROFILE THE AGENT: Conrad Burke, alias Connor Ducharme HIS MOTTO: "Always work alone." THE ASSIGNMENT—AND COMPLICATION: Team up with one headstro ...

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Mark Taylor retired from the US Special Forces, seeking a career in the computer software business specializing in security systems. When one of his major ...

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Isbn 1450048773
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This book investigates the distribution and interpretation of Covert Modality. Covert Modality is modality which we interpret but which is not associated w ...

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Year 2006-01-01
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Poetry after Cultural Studies elucidates the potential of poetry scholarship when joined with cultural studies. In eight searching essays covering an aston ...

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A Walk in Dreams tells the story of a boy growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Brooklyn, N.Y. during the 1960s and his struggles with emotional violenc ...

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Covert Racism, subtle often hidden form of racism is explored through a multi-disciplinarian lens. The volume challenges the notion of a post-racial Americ ...

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Isbn 9004203656
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Year 2011-06-09
Pages 461
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Explores the contributions dreams can make to our private and public lives, and outlines methods for safe and effective dream work. ...

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Isbn 9780791442562
Genre Psychology
Year 1999-08-12
Pages 280
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