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Chasing Memories

Pdf Chasing Memories
Author Ellie Wade
Isbn 1944495002
File size 1575 kb
Year 2020-08-25
Pages 297
Language English
File format PDF

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What if you find him—the one who is put on this earth for you? He’s your perfect partner, your love, your soul mate. Your life with him is more than you could ever to hope for. I have. And it’s everything. But then, one day, I wake up to be told that that none of it is real. I can’t accept it. I’m stuck in a reality that isn’t mine, aching for the life that I lost. One that makes up the very fabric of my soul. How do I find my future when my past won’t stop pulling me under? I’m drowning, struggling to breathe in this existence where nothing makes sense. It may be crazy, and I might be too. But if you’ve experienced the joy of a once in a lifetime love, you’d be chasing memories too. **Intended for adults 18+ due to mature content

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