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Cameron's Contract (Book 5)

Pdf Cameron's Contract (Book 5)
Author Vanessa Fewings
File size 351 kb
Year 2016-03-02
Pages 157
Language English
File format PDF

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After the USA TODAY bestselling ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes CAMERON'S CONTROL & CAMERON'S CONTRACT that follows the events in the highly acclaimed erotic romance series. This is CAMERON'S CONTRACT. Enemies swirl. Boundaries break. Love shatters. The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath. Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal. For his true wealth is his intellect. Words bind, and once ink soaks paper, lives change. With Cameron's Contract, author Vanessa Fewings raises the stakes and deepens the passion for a world renowned psychiatrist and his beloved submissive.

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