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Thorny Road to Dignity

Pdf Thorny Road to Dignity
Author Zhong Liu
Isbn 0595319777
File size 884 kb
Year 2004-07
Pages 236
Language English
File format PDF

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Zhong Liu had a strong bond with American establishments, where he had all his education in China before the 1949 revolution. Liu paid the price for his ties and was ostracized into the countryside to embark on a career in farming labor and health services. Firmly believing his fate would change after the reign of Mao, he never ceased preparing for that day by learning foreign languages and researching new medical developments in the countryside. After Mao's death, he resumed his teaching job in a medical school, where he often served as the English interpreter for visiting American professors. Surprised by his fluency in English and current medical knowledge, they sponsored a visit to America for him, just as he had dreamed.It was then the unthinkable happened: Dr. Liu passed the medical license exam on the first try. After experiencing a host of cultural shocks and retraining, he settled in and proved himself to be a competent, board-certified psychiatrist and a successful bilingual writer.Dr. Liu credits his family, especially his wife, with the inspiration and strength to help him endure the hardest times, and it is to her that he dedicates the poem on this book's cover.

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